Go Tracker

An Effective Learning Management System for Project-base Learning

Project-based learning is facing 21st century.

Our Features

GoTracker is a handy, built-for-purpose platform that is specially tailored to PBL settings. Students and teachers co-design their learning goals. Students could easily make documentation through our daily log function, receiving timely and targeted feedback from teachers, and viewing their progress on each goal through our visualized progress chart. With a learning science research based approach to a hybrid teacher student goal setting tool and supporting assessment features, GoTracker aims to create the most efficient PBL learning management system for teachers and students to use.

Propose a Project

At the beginning of each semester,each group is uploading a proposal from our system.

Hybrid Goal Setting

Students set overarching semester goals as well as weekly tasks.

Daily Log System

Students upload their work, tagging the alignment of learning goals as well as their co-workers.


Easily compose self-reflection by downloading the progress log.

Visualized Report

Each team member's achievement will be visualized according to the progress in the log system.

Individual Feedback

Teachers could reference students' self-reflection and daily log to give them individualized feedback.

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Upload Project Proposal

At the beginning of each semester,each group is uploading a proposal from our system.Teachers will provide scaffolded templates.

Hybrid Goal Setting

Our system allows two dimensions of goal setting. Students would co-design the goals with instructors. Besides semester-long overarching goals, students are also going to set weekly tasks.

Daily Log Sytem

Upload your daily progress, tagging your co-worker and click the alignment of learning goals that you previously set.

Visualized Progress Chart

Upon the approval of goal alignment,points will be added to your corresponding learning goal.

Our Community Members

We have tested our prototype in various upper schools in Pittsburgh.

Our Members
Director of city as our campus program in Winchestor Thurston Upper School, 8 years of experience in delivering Project-based Learning courses.
Adam Nye

Director of City as Our Campus

Our Members
PhD in Education Research and Policy
Anne Fay

Director of elearning

Our Members
Math Department Lead at Central Catholic Upper School
Adam Kronebusch

Math Department Lead

Our Members
Instructor of Computer Science
David Nassar

Core Team Members

All our team members are master students in Human-Computer Interaction Institute of Carnegie Mellon University, with prior backgrounds in language, software engineering, industry engineering and business

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